Monthly Archives: May 2020

Patrick Ow, Risk Management Guru -006

In this challenging time, we all want to save our companies and get back to business as usual. COVID19 will be with us for a while and we need to prepare for a safe return to work. We need to evaluate the risks and plan accordingly. Researching, planning, and acting with knowledge removes fear. Risk management in a time of COVID-19 is critical.

On today’s show, we will be talking with Patrick Ow, risk management expert and strategy consultant at Execute Strategy. Patrick Ow is a strategy execution specialist, corporate facilitator, personal coach, educator, and Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of international risk management experience. He is currently helping corporate executives and individuals execute their strategies to get breakthrough results using The 7 Habits of Successful Strategy Execution. Visit or email for details. He is an author of several eBooks including When Strategy Execution Marries Risk Management — A Practical Guide to Manage Strategy-to-Execution Risk (his book is available on Amazon). Mr. Ow is offering a free consultation to all listeners to help with their strategy and execution challenges. Contact him at Learn more at BlueCircle