Interview with James Kandler -005

RoHS Ready was founded by James Kandler. The company provides assistance for product compliance projects with the goal of implementing timely and cost effective product materials compliance projects. Specializing in RoHS and REACH with an ever expanding regulatory list. RoHS Ready helps companies jump start their supplier declaration collection and operations practices. They do not sell declarations or material compliance tools. In today’s show, we will be talking with James Kandler, Managing Director of RoHS Ready. Prior to founding RoHS Ready, Jim led the GE Healthcare effort to collect materials declarations for over 250,000 parts. His team collected over 150,000 declarations from over 6,000 suppliers, helping GE go on to be successful in meeting global compliance regulations. He has experience with many of the industry’s support tools and is an active member of the IPC 1752 Material Declaration standard Committee. Jim is helping shed some light today on what he sees happening in the product compliance world.

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